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Netlogic Managed Cloud Services enable organizations to leverage their investments to extend into the cloud with greater value, choice, and confidence. Netlogic delivers enterprise-grade, end-to-end managed cloud services across a broad portfolio of business applications, middleware, database, and hardware technologies. Our success derives from a deep understanding of our clients, to whom all of Netlogic is committed to deliver exceptional service and value. As competitive dynamics shift, Netlogic can help your organization to map its path to the cloud.

Applications Managed Cloud Service

Netlogic Managed Cloud Services help clients take advantage of the platform-as-a-service. Netlogic can assist the client in design, build and deliver services that allow key stakeholders to easily access applications from virtually any location, promoting increased productivity and supporting core business functions. Netlogic works with you every step of the way to help clearly define requirements and assists in providing you with a custom cloud rather than one-size-fits-all. The client has also the flexibility to easily scale up or down to respond to changing business and market requirements.

Technology Managed Cloud Service

Oracle Technology Managed Cloud Service provides you with end-to-end management services delivered in the cloud and managed by Netlogic. This service enables you to accelerate time to deployment, increase availability and system performance, and reduce business risk. You gain faster access to innovation and a better return on your investment. Netlogic experts help you get the most out of your cloud deployment, improving operational excellence and sharpening your competitive advantage. Netlogic takes pride in delivering innovation across business and technology to help our clients achieve meaningful results.

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