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Netlogic Solutions, Inc. has achieved Gold Partner status in Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN). By attaining Gold Level membership, Oracle has recognized Netlogic Solutions for its commitment to establish Oracle-related knowledge  in delivering Database Replication, Disaster Recovery Solutions, Database Migrations, Database Compliance, Exadata Implementations on Cloud Service platform. 

Achieving OPN Gold Partner status reflects our continued commitment toward the support of Oracle products and respective clients. This relationship complements our initiatives to fuse our market presence and empowers Oracle customers to provide valuable customer support to their clients and users.

Database Replication

Databases and the Internet have enabled worldwide collaboration and information sharing by extending the reach of database applications throughout organizations and communities. Both small businesses and global enterprises have users all over the world who require access to data 24 hours a day. Without this data access, revenue and customers can be lost, penalties can be owed, and bad press can have a lasting effect on customers and a company's reputation.

Netlogic can coordinate with clients in architecting a scalable and high available solution using Oracle Goldengate for database replication between both Oracle and non-Oracle datastores. Oracle Goldengate can be used to replicat and integrate transactional data at subsecond speed among a variety of enterprise systems. Oracle Goldengate can also be used for zero (or minimal) downtime database migrations.  

Disaster Recovery Solutions

Companies today rely on around the clock access to their data to support a wide range of users and external systems, including web-based self-service applications and integration with business partners’ systems. It is no longer acceptable for a failure of some component (hardware or software) to leave data unavailable at any time of the day or night.

This 24/7 operation requires reliable and timely disaster recovery (DR) mechanisms for all components of these solutions, including the databases. In the event of a failure, service must be resumed within a very short period of time, with minimal or no data loss.

Netlogic DR solution uses physical database replication to provide a cost-effective, reliable and proven solution for all Oracle databases. Depending  upon the client requirements, Netlogic solution can also use logical standby or goldengate replication.

Netlogic creates and maintains up-to-date copies of a production database that can be used in the event of a disaster. As changes are made to the production database, they are applied to the standby (backup) database at the remote DR site, creating an exact copy of the production database. In the event of a failure at the primary site, Netlogic can activate the standby site so it takes over the production role, and business continues uninterrupted.

Database Migrations

Netlogic offers a wide range of migration services to help you optimize your usage of Oracle technology. Through the use of tools, resources, and proven best practices, Netlogic can provide support for migrating from legacy or non-Oracle technologies to Oracle, migrations from older oracle software version to newer releases, database platform change, migrations to Exadata. Netlogic uses tools like Oracle Goldengate, Oracle RMAN, Oracle Datapump and Oracle SQL Developer for database migrations.

Netlogic works with the clients in understanding the source and target platforms, versions, key customer concerns, other resources and restrictions and provides the clients with the best possible solutions while mitigating the risks and performing these migrations with zero or minimal downtime

Our other specialized services include:

  • Database Compliance
  • Managed Services
  • Exadata Implementations
  • Architect and Implement High Available solutions
  • Data Analytics and Statistics

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