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LogicVU - Our Cloud BI Visualization Solution
    LogicVU - Not just a BI


  Netlogic’s proprietary solution, to meet our customer’s needs for business intelligence. With advanced visualizations, ability to integrate predictive models, machine learning engines and deep learning model integrated with traditional reporting and analytics, LogicVU adapts to your existing business environment and landscape with minimal changes. LogicVU’ s advantages include:

  • 100% Web Based Solution
  • Real-time analytics
  • Provides for robust Predictive Analytics
  • Next generation visualization
  • Manages large volume data processing
  • Robust decision support
  • Deep learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Portable solution
  • Cloud or On-Premise Installation
  • Cost effective based on competitive tool


Netlogic offers our customers system-of-record reporting using a centralized BI provisioning model to support the enterprise. We work to ensure our data discovery solutions are able to fulfill the full spectrum of BI and analytic requirements. Our solutions address the need to support the non-IT user, offer higher business benefits, and lower cost of ownership in the delivery of enterprise reporting requirements.

Netlogic Solutions Brings Experienced Personnel with Depth and Breadth in Business Intelligence.

Netlogic creates and enhances enterprise business intelligence systems to include robust analytical reports and dashboards.  In addition, our developers have an understanding of a variety of database platforms including Oracle, MS SQL Server, and No SQL integral to the data environment. We position our teams with a fine attention to detail to be involved with the full life-cycle of numerous concurrent BI initiatives. 

Netlogic’s analysts and developers have a solid understanding of the core elements and logic behind BI. We focus on efficient and effective information delivery, data analytic, and data visualization. Our personnel are skilled in BI design and development, possess the technical expertise to design and develop moderately complex to complex, enterprise BI reporting systems, queries, reports, and dashboards utilizing advanced functionality within the BI environment. We partner with our customers and stakeholders to document user stories or requirements.  Netlogic’s team members document and validate user reporting requirements, applying all phases of data analysis.

Netlogic assists with the creation of frameworks to provide accurate information quickly to the organization.  We analyze, design, migrate and build reports and assists in the implementation of the BI solution.  We recommend and implement application and BI standards for continuity. We work closely with our customers and stakeholders to provide training and ongoing mentoring on the best BI practices as well as review incoming projects to determine if BI technologies could be used to either do the job better or guide the development staff in the direction of fully utilizing BI technologies. 

Netlogic’s Organization is Aligned for Direct Access to Corporate Resources. 

Our organizational structure aligns Netlogic leadership to direct and ensure corporate oversight for successful program execution. Netlogic staffing approach carefully matches program requirements, performance objectives, and the operating environment to experienced, qualified, and customer-focused staff. Team Netlogic’s organizational chart aligns our corporate project management functions with program delivery to ensure each project is support directly by our ISO and CMMI certified Quality Management System. Each program and project manager has direct access to what we refer to an our internal service resources including accounting, finance, contract administration, recruiting, human resources, and facility security officer. We have a deep commitment to staff skilled development through our robust training program.

 offers several benefits including:

  • Cost effective when compared to our competition
  • Mobility BI (agnostic platform enables LogicVU on pc’s, tablets, phones)
  • Ability to Handle Large Volumes of Data
  • Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning and Deep Learning Integration
  • Self-serve BI Suite
  • No need for expensive developer licenses
  • Drill to raw data built into every cell
  • Interactive Executive Dashboards

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