Custom Solutions

LogicVU® is Netlogic’s proprietary solution for our customer’s business intelligence needs. LogicVU® integrates your data with predictive models, machine learning, and deep learning.

See your data in new ways with advanced visualizations, analytics, and reports.

LogicVU® provides affordable, accessible, enterprise-level data reporting to non-IT users. We offer our customers system-of-record reporting using a centralized BI provisioning model. Our data discovery solutions fulfill the spectrum of BI and analytic requirements.

LogicVU® Features

Real-time Analytics

Behind the World

Provides for Robust Predictive Analytics

Next Generation Visualization

Large Volume Data Processing

Robust Decision Support

Deep Learning and Artificial intelligence

Portable Solution

Cloud or on-premise Installation

Cost-effective Solution

LogicVU® Benefits

Depth and Breadth in Business Intelligence

Netlogic creates and enhances enterprise business intelligence systems with robust analytical reports and dashboards.

Netlogic personnel know BI design and development. We have the expertise to design and develop complex, enterprise-level BI reporting systems, queries, reports, and dashboards utilizing advanced functionality within the BI environment.

Our developers understand multiple database platforms, integral to the data environment. Our analysts and developers have a solid understanding of the core elements and logic behind BI. Teams work with attention to detail. We prepare for the full life-cycle of many, concurrent business intelligence initiatives. We focus on efficient and effective information delivery, data analytics, and data visualization.

Netlogic’s team members document and validate user reporting requirements, applying all phases of data analysis. We work with you to document your BI data reporting needs and requirements.

Your Business Intelligence Partner

Other solutions we bring to the table

Software/Application Development

Our Software/Application Development can solve a client's problem by providing tailored solutions that address specific business needs, improving efficiency, productivity, and customer engagement, while reducing costs and complexity.

IT Modernization

Our IT Modernization can solve a client's problem by updating outdated technology, increasing efficiency, agility and security, reducing operational costs and providing access to the latest innovations and capabilities.

Data Management Services

Our Data Management Services can solve a client's problem by ensuring data quality, availability, and security, improving decision-making, compliance and operational efficiency, and reducing risks and costs associated with data management.

Cloud Services, Migration & Computing

Our Cloud Services, Migration & Computing can solve a client's problem by providing scalable and flexible infrastructure, reducing IT costs, improving accessibility and data security, and enabling innovation and faster time-to-market for new products and services.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Our Quality Assurance and Quality Control can solve a client's problem by ensuring the quality and reliability of products and services, improving customer satisfaction, reducing costs associated with defects and rework, and ensuring compliance with regulatory and industry standards.

Independent Verification and Validation

Our Independent Verification and Validation can solve a client's problem by ensuring that products and services meet requirements, are reliable and effective, and are compliant with standards and regulations. This improves overall quality, reduces risks, and ensures customer satisfaction.

Project Management Services

Our Project Management Services can solve a client's problem by providing effective planning, organization, and control of resources and activities, ensuring on-time and on-budget delivery of projects, and reducing risks and costs associated with project management.